The Top 5 Reasons to Get a Menstrual Cup

1. Your Wallet

The $30-40 price tag on most menstrual cups is often what keeps women from giving the #CupLife a shot, but when you consider the money you save on HUNDREDS of tampons each year that you'll no longer have to purchase, the savings is clear. 

By the way, we do offer a discounted menstrual cup here at Aneer, so this price point barrier should no long be an obstacle anyway. 

2. Mother Nature

She's good to you, so why not return the favor? Rather than tossing tampon after tampon, or pad after pad, into your trash every month – and contributing to the enormous waste problem our society is also struggling to sort out – your one little cup can handle all your period needs. Like forever. 

Ok the FDA requires us to say that you should replace your cup every couple of years, but we'll say this – many women are able to successfully reuse their cup for many years on end. Just make sure you treat your cup well. That means cleaning it regularly and storing it in a breathable bag or container between periods.

3. No Leakage

Spotting just happens. Right? Wrong. Granted, there can be a learning curve, but when you get the whole menstrual cup thing down, and you know how to insert it correctly so that the air tight suction seal is created – it's like MAGIC happens in your life! No more leaks, and no more worrying about leaks.

4. Vaginal Health

Your vagina – your whole body for that matter – is a miraculous instrument that was perfectly designed for its own best self-care and preservation. Your vagina has its own natural, pH-balanced ecosystem that is disrupted when you insert dry, bleached, chemical-laden tampons inside of it. These tampons, designed for absorbency, absorb not only your menstrual flow, but your natural, protective vaginal moisture, which causes irritation and can leave you much more vulnerable to infection.

Menstrual cups don't disturb your vagina's natural ecosystem, and leave you safer and irritation-free as a result.

5. Vaginal Empowerment

Speaking of your vagina and keeping things natural, have you ever thought about how it's kind of strange that women tend to shy away from this part of our body – from discussing it to even touching it? If you're new to the idea of what some people have started calling "body positivity," stick with for a second.

When you insert a menstrual cup, your fingertips go a tiny bit inside of you in order to position it correctly. It's basically the same amount of "finger insertion" as when you use a tampon without an applicator, if you've ever done that.

In our experience, this simple, more intimate application will actually help you lose the stigma attached to interacting with your vagina during menstruation - or at all. You get to know your body better, and feel more empowered about taking control of something you once needed a silly plastic applicator tool to handle.

6. Travel Easy

No more stuffing fistfuls of light, regular and heavy tampons and pads into your purse or bags to haul around  your daily travels. In fact, when you use a menstrual cup, you'll never need to worry about having a “back up” ever again. Just rinse and reinsert, and you're good.

So what else? Share with us your favorite reason for living and loving the menstrual cup

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