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Get the lowdown from those who have already tried and tested the Aneer menstrual cup in their normal (sometimes fabulous, busy or crazy) day to day lives.
After all, something this simple and game-changing was never going to stay secret for long ;)

"I've had my Aneer cup for a few months now, and I absolutely love it. I can't believe how easy and convenient it is to use - and I'm thrilled that it's also healthier for the environment and me. Mookychick thinks that menstrual cups match up to the hype (the editors speak from experience."

- Mookychick -

95% of the customers were satisfied with Aneer 

"Ok. It took me a bit of time to get it in but now I got it (I'm 14 and still a virgin) and I love it! It stays and in place and I don’t have to change it every 3 hours like I did for pads and tampons. Yay! And the Aneer cleaning soap stuff is amazing! I love it all, thank you so much!!".

- Bono -

"Just wanted to let you know how much I love my Aneer . I am 35, live in Australia and wish I were told about it 20 years ago, I feel cheated!! I have told every female I know about it - the advantages are amazing. It is so much cleaner, fresher and easier (and I'm helping mother nature) – win-win for all."

- Krissy -


"Blown away! I got my Aneer 2 weeks before my period and was so excited to try it out! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I can't even tell I have my period! It's so comfortable and easy to use. I am already telling all my girlfriends about it! No more messy pads and tampons for me. I love the clean fresh feel all day."

- Kerry -

"THANK YOU! I learned about Aneer from my sister-in-law. I had to get used to the idea, but since my skin is VERY sensitive and every month I experienced burning discomfort, but I did my research and decided upon the Aneer . I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Love how it is shorter than others, with a perfect capacity. No more irritation! Thank you so very much!"

- Diane -

I love this cup!! Its very flexible. I really like the fun colors they have to offer. I have will never go back to tampons ever again. So glad i found out about this and it worked for me. I also love that i feel okay with being able to sleep with it in and not worry about getting toxic shock syndrome. defiantly worth making a purchase.



88% of all respondents believed that their quality of life during menstruation had increased while using Aneer .

"I wish I’d found this product decades ago. I work a very physical job in a hot climate, and I play roller derby as well, and even tampons would absorb so much sweat that I would have frequent embarrassing failures while working or skating. For me, the Aneer Cup was a game-changer. Suddenly I don’t smell anymore, I don’t have to worry that my soggy tampon is going to squirt down my pant leg when I lift something heavy, and I don’t have any leaking at night. Occasionally I get it positioned incorrectly, but it’s easy to feel the difference and pull it out and reinsert. It is very comfortable, much more so than any other menstrual product I’ve used. If I had a daughter, I’d be teaching her about this product."


"Aneer cup was my first experience using a cup. It was weird at first but i got used to it. Its so comfortable and great way to save money! I didnt have to buy tampons or pds ever again. Best feelings of not worrying about tampons/pads. I learn more about the amount of blood i have daily. I am age under 30 and never pregnant. I got size Large. Period flow is moderate to heavy. Happy with the size."


"I have had the Aneer cup for one whole day. I am never going back. I have a terrible period. It is so heavy that I had to wear overnight pads all the time and I still had leaks and was changing them every other hour. With the Aneer cup, no leaks! I slept all night without a problem!

I see a lot of reviews claiming that it did not work. It would not stay in, that it would not go in correctly, or that it leaked. I had the same issue the first few times I put it in. Then I took the time to go online and look up what I was doing wrong. If you are having a problem with your Aneer cup, there is a good chance that you missed a step. You have to follow the instructions.

1 day in and I don’t think I will ever go back to pads. Today is going to be a good day thanks to Aneer cup."


"I love it!!!! It can be a little messy every now and then(more so in public bathrooms where the sink is outside the door) but I like it more than pads or tampons. It’s easy in and easy out but it does take a bit to get the perfect fit of it once inserted and after that no problems. I did notice my cramps aren’t as bad when the cup is in place. I’m wondering if the cup during the PMS part will I have to use less pain pills…….Hmmmm? There is a little leakage on heavy flow days(when at work and you just can’t) but a small wad of toilet paper can be a quick fix until you can and it’s 100% flushable."


"It took me a few months to figure it out. 40, never had kids, bought the smaller one, it leaked. Bought the bigger one, it fit.
I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this product. It was worth the learning curve.
I change it in the morning and at night. I do not think about it at any other time.
I have to use the c fold, I have to put the cup in with the fold facing down. I press hard against my vaginal walk to make sure it opens, while I bear down. I cannot make it pop open. I have to kind of force it,
Anyway, give it a chance. It has made my period a non issue."


"I looked into the Aneer cup after experiencing discomfort with pads and tampons(and finding out what they’re really made of). I love that the Aneer cup is made with quality silicone. I did my research and compared other menstrual cups, so I took a test that later gave me insight on what cup is best for me. I highly recommend you do your research on other cups so that you find your fit. Also if you are uncomfortable with the cleaning process, I would also recommend taking a water bottle to help rinse it out each time. I’m a bit heavy on the first day so I go every 3 hours. It’s important to understand your flow with the cup because unlike pads/tampons the cup only holds not absorbs. I’m excited about this product and the impact it will have on my wallet and ecosystem "