Care For Cloth Pads

Annie Pads need tender love and care to maximise its potential and ensure safety for continued use. We have provided a general step-by-step guide to help you care for your cloth pad.

  1. Put some cold water into a bucket with an eco oxi clean

  2. Throw your soiled cloth pad into the bucket

  3. After 24 hours of soaking, launder as per normal 

Avoid using detergents that include fabric softeners or whiteners as these can inhibit the absorbency of your cloth pads. We do not recommend the use of castille soap, facial soap, or other soaps not intended for textile laundering. Excess detergent may lead to buid up, which can limit the absorbency of your cloth pads. While we have many customers that use homemade detergents with great success, cloth pads laundered with homemade detergent are not covered under our warranty.

A note about staining: Soaking your Annie in cold water or pre-treating with an enzymatic cleanser immediately after using are two simple ways to prevent staining. However, light staining does not indicate that your laundered cloth pads are not clean or sanitary!

To clean your Annie Carry Bag, simply wipe the bag with a damp cloth or machine wash cold, then air dry or tumble dry low.