About Us


Me “before the menstrual cups”?

As a young female, I grew very aware of the unnecessary waste my monthly period was causing – I celebrate and cherish my period as a great gift but I also wanted to find ways to align myself with my planet, not go against it with the use of disposable sanitary product and packaging.
I’ve always hated pads, I found them unhygienic, uncomfortable, highly unsexy, and the amount of waste they produce is just something I started feeling more and more conscious about. As for tampons, it was the only other alternative I could think of at the time.
Instinctively it felt wrong putting a bleached cotton thing inside of my body. I often could feel it, it caused me irritations and pain specially at the removal. The smell that goes along is not very pleasant either…I spare you the details, I think all tampons users out there can relate to what I’m saying here.
I wasn’t surprise to read later on about tampons, the TSS (toxic shock syndrome), the rayon fibers, the dioxin etc…I knew there’s gotta be a better and easier way to handle our menstrual flow!

How menstrual cups made a tremendous impact on my life?

Years later, after exploring women's choices for their high-maintainance periods the beginning of my journey using and loving menstrual cups.
Once I explained more in details with pro and cons, attitude changed toward a curiosity to try it. The feedback was very rewarding, no one went back to tampons or pads, they all said they felt cleaner and that it made their periods a lot easier. As I talked about cups around me I realized it’s a very appealing product, how can a woman not be in interested in:
  • Healthier alternative to sanitary pads and tampons
  • Respectful of the pH & flora balance of the vagina
  • No more odors - feel fresh all day
  • Protect your intimate balance and avoid dryness
  • Comfortable, convenient & easy to use
  • 12-hour protection & can be worn overnight
  • Experience complete leak free period!
  • Discreet, no strings, no padding, wear what you want
  • Suitable for women of all ages, sizes and lifestyles
  • Can be worn during all types of physical activities
  • Reusable, ecological and economical

The evolution of Aneer's cup

Over the years I found myself enthusing about, recommending and eventually converting many people that I encountered in my life. However, when asked to recommend a cup, I often spoke of the pros and cons of different brands and could never recommend just one until a friend suggested that I design a cup that would meet all of my expectations and I would be happy to recommend.
This is how Aneer was established – the result of my desire to respect my body and our planet’s well-being, combined with an understanding of our times, the direction of change and our most important dreams and needs.
Above all, AneerCareWoman was created as an innovation to empower each and every one of us in making better choices for our bodies and our planet.